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The answers provided are general information - please check your age group for actual dates, times, etc.

Where is NWCBA located?

All regular season events are held at NWCBA Baseball Complex, located adjacent to The Factory in Wake Forest, NC. There are 6 baseball fields, 6 batting cages/pitcher training areas, a concession stand with a pavilion area, a playground, and restrooms. The complex address is 1845 Grandmark St., Wake Forest, NC 27587. Oversight is by a volunteer Board of Directors and the League Administrator is remote. Questions may be directed to 

What seasons are offered at North Wake Baseball?

Regular Season League, NWCBA has a spring season and a shorter, instructional, fall season. The off-season is July/August and mid-November-January. Travel League season is year-round and divided into 2 seasons.

What are the league ages for Regular Season League and Travel League?

T-Ball | Spring (4-5) || Modified Coach Pitch | Spring (5-6) | Fall (4-5) || Rookie | Spring (7-8) | Fall (6-7) || Minor | Spring (9-10) | Fall (8-9) || Major | Spring (11-12) | Fall (10-12) League age is determined by the player's age as of April 30th. SELECT HYBRID TRAVEL & ELITE TRAVEL LEAGUE teams are currently offered for ages 7U & 8U (SELECT ONLY) 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U. Players must not turn the next age prior to May 1 of the playing year.

Does my child need experience?

There is no experience necessary to play in any North Wake regular season leagues. T-ball (ages 4-5) is a non-competitive program focused on fun and fundamentals; MCP (ages 4-6 depending on the season) is an instructional league that utilizes coach pitch and tees, along with extra coaches in the field to teach players. Rookie, Minor, and Major players attend evaluations to determine equitable distribution of skill within divisions and teams. Divisions are paramount to players receiving instruction and play based on individual skill sets. 

What are the general dates?

SPRING SEASON – REGULAR SEASON LEAGUE – Ages 5-12 Registration opens – in Mid-November; Registration ends in Late January; Evaluations are held in early February; Practices begin in mid-February; Games begin in March; Season ends in May; Playoff tournament follows the regular season. SELECT TEAMS are chosen from League Players based on performance, Coach recommendation, and tryout scores. Select Teams play tournaments following the regular season. ELITE TRAVEL LEAGUE – Tryouts are in mid-November; Registration opens mid-November; Season officially begins February 1. Teams typically do not play during July.

FALL SEASON – REGULAR SEASON LEAGUE – Ages 4-12. Registration opens in mid-June; Registration ends in late July; Evaluations are held in early August; Practices begin in mid-August; Games begin in September. The season ends mid-to-late October. SELECT TEAMS are chosen from League Players based on performance, Coach recommendation, and tryout scores. Select Teams play tournaments following the regular season. ELITE TRAVEL LEAGUE – Tryouts are in mid-July; Registration opens after tryouts; Season officially begins August 1 (teams age up for next season). Teams typically do not play in December/January.

How much of a time commitment is Regular Season League?

Rookie, Minor, and Major team practices are slotted for 2 hours, 2-3 times per week during 5:15 – 7:15 pm or 7:15 – 9:15 pm time slots (M-F) or 9 am-3 pm on occasional Saturdays. Games times are 5:30 pm or 7:30 pm M-F or between 9 am and 5 pm on occasional Saturdays. Modified Coach Pitch – Practices are slotted for 2 hours (coaches typically practice approximately 1 hour); games are typically 1.5 hours, 2-3 times per week, 5:30-7:30 pm weekdays or 9 am-5 pm on occasional Saturdays. T-ball times, dates, etc. are TBD.

What equipment does a player need?

Parents are required to purchase a uniform package consisting of 2 jerseys and 1 hat for the player's first season. Those jerseys and uniforms are usable until the player outgrows them or the family decides to replace them. Players are responsible for providing their own: Glove, Bat (must be USA Baseball Stamped) Batting Helmet, Cup (all players must wear a hard, protective cup for their safety. No soft cups are permitted, cleats (rubber cleats ONLY), Gray Baseball pants, Socks, and Belt. 

How do players receive uniforms? 

Each MCP, Rookie, Minor, and Major orders and pays for a uniform bundle containing 2 jerseys and 1 baseball hat. All teams wear the same style and color of jerseys – 1 color will be used as the ‘Home’ team; the other color will be worn as the ‘Away’ team. The same hat will be worn at all games.

Players choose their jersey number and his/her last name will be applied to the back of the jersey! The Uniform Ordering Portal is on the NWCBA website and available only from the NW approved vendor. 

How are players assigned to a team?

NW uses skills evaluations to determine the experience and ability of each player. All players must attend scheduled evaluations for his/her league.* Players are ranked based on overall ability and specifically on batting, running, fielding, throwing, and catching. The draft selection is conducted by the league commissioner and head coaches. *T-Ball and Modified Coach Pitch (MCP) players (Spring ages 4-6) do NOT attend evaluations - efforts are made, but not guaranteed, to assign T-Ball and MCP players to teams based on neighborhoods or schools.

What are registration fees?

FALL & SPRING SEASON Registration Fees T-Ball–$175; Modified Coach Pitch–$250 | ROOKIE–$400 | MINOR–$400 | MAJOR–$400 | All Elite Travel– $400. Parents purchase uniform packages separately. A $100 raffle fee is charged for each player and gives the family 10 entries into the season raffle giveaway (eligible to be resold). A $25 late fee will be added during the late registration period. Family discounts apply to 3 or more players from the same family. Parent purchase 

Does NWCBA offer refunds?

Rookie, Minor, and Major registrants may request refunds before attending evaluations. T-ball and MCP players may request a refund until attending the first practice or event. NWCBA retains a $25 administrative fee for all refunds. Service fees are not refunded. Any registrant who attends evaluations may request and receive a 50% refund less the $25 administrative and service fees before attending the first practice. No refunds will be extended after a player attends a practice.

Does NWCBA offer softball?

NWCBA offers baseball only - no softball. 




     Spring Ages 4-5
     Spring Ages 5-6
     Fall Ages 4-5

     Spring Ages 7-8
     Fall Ages 6-7
MINOR LEAGUE A & B Divisions
     Spring Ages 9-10
     Fall Ages 8-9
     Spring Ages 11-12
     Fall Ages 10-12


(must participate in 
        play of current season)
     7U, 8U, 9U,
     10U, 11U, 12U

     9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U

All ages are based on
"Player Age as of 4/30 of playing year."
*Exception - Fall Select and Travel ages
are based on 4/30 of upcoming year.


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