Coaches Certification NEW!

The NWCBA has entered into a partnership with USA Baseball to ensure our organization delivers our players and parents a truly differentiated baseball experience with an intense focus on coach & player development.

As a result, we are requiring all head coaches to be USA Baseball certified (A,B & C) and all assistant coaches are required to achieve at least A & B certifications.  Additionally, we now require annual background checks which can be initiated through the USA Baseball website.

Very few coaches have begun this certification or background check process through USA Baseball.

I’ve personally completed all certifications and it’s quite good.  USA Baseball A&B certifications can be obtained entirely online through the USA Baseball site.  It’s free and only requires you to create an account.  Please register and note that you are affiliated with the NWCBA (this allows us to track progress).

USA Baseball C certification requires attendance at a USA Baseball clinic.  We will be hosting a clinic with USA Baseball on 8/14 at 9:00 am at THALES ACADEMY GYMNASIUM. If you haven’t already, please complete your certification background checks NOW…our fall season is here!

Advance registration is encouraged, but, registration is available at the clinic.

Attendees must be 18 or older to attend.

Many thanks for volunteering! See you on the 14th! 

Mike Emmert
President - NWCBA

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