Coaches Background Check

The NWCBA has entered into a partnership with USA Baseball to ensure our organization delivers our players and parents a truly differentiated baseball experience with an intense focus on coach & player development.

USA Baseball’s BASE (Baseball Athlete Safety Education) program is a zero-tolerance campaign for any type of abuse within the sport of baseball. Your organization has prioritized athlete safety and is a BASE Organization with USA Baseball. As such, all coaches in the organization are required to complete a standard background check and the USA Baseball Abuse Awareness for Adults course. Please follow the instructions below to complete BASE Compliance.

More information about USA Baseball’s BASE program, including the USA Baseball Ineligible List and the Online Reporting Form for abuse within the sport can be found at

BASE Compliance requirements:

Complete the free Abuse Awareness course:

  1. Create an account or sign in at or on the USA Baseball app

    1. When creating an account, you must select the name of your organization from the drop down menu and click “Join”

    2. You can also download the USA Baseball app and do this whole process on your phone (Apple and Android links)

  2. Click on the EDUCATION tile


  4. Find “BASE Compliance” and click “Enroll”

  5. Select the “Abuse Awareness for Adults” course

  6. Enroll and complete course

Complete the Standard Background check:

  1. Apply the following voucher code: NWCBA2023

  2. Click “Continue to Checkout”

  3. Once purchase is complete click “Continue”

  4. Find “USA Baseball – Standard Package” in the “My Certifications” column on the left-hand side

    (skip this step if using the USA Baseball app)

  5. Click “Go to Questionnaire” and complete the background check questionnaire

After following these steps, you should receive an email stating you are BASE compliant within 48 hours. Keep this email for your records.

If you have questions, please contact us at

NWCBA will receive a report indicating your completion. 


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