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Major League traditionally consists of 6-10 teams. Typically, there are 2-3 events each week Monday – Friday - occasional Saturdays. A 2-hour game and/or 2-hour practices per week. Games are six innings long, except that no new inning shall begin after one hour and 45-minute time limit, and if there is a tie after six innings, additional innings may be played to try to break the tie, subject to the time limit to start a new inning. The field of play is 70-foot base paths, with the pitching mound located 50 feet from home plate.

The Major League is an advanced league for players 11-12 years old in the Spring, and 10-12 years old in the Fall. Playing age is determined by how old the player is on April 30th of the playing year.

Typically, all weekday events for Major will begin at 7:15-7:30 PM.


Each MCP, Rookie, Minor, and Major player orders and pays for a uniform bundle containing 2 jerseys and 1 baseball hat. All teams wear the same style and color of jerseys – 1 color will be used as the ‘Home’ team; the other color will be worn as the ‘Away’ team. The same hat will be worn at all games.

Players choose their jersey number and his/her last name will be applied to the back of the jersey! The Uniform Ordering Portal is located on The NW Uniform Bundle is available only from the NW-approved vendor. 

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